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"Midtown" by artist and illustrator Tony Calandra features a detailed rendering of NYC and surrounding area originally illustrated in oil pastel.

"I took roughly 20 photographic reference shots from atop the Empire State Building facing north, pieced the photos together and warped the image in Photoshop - the result was used as visual reference for my painting. Because of the sheer amount of detail that the photographs provided, there was considerable artistic license used in the creation of Midtown. I emphasized the focus of the painting to the foreground by using a few techniques - I utilized a muted color palate in the background and a more vibrant one in the foreground - keeping the contrast of lights and darks fairly even in the background and very dramatic in the foreground. I also made the subject matter rather blurry and loose in the background, while sharpening and outlining more in the foreground."

  • Limited Edition of 125
  • Signed by the Artist
  • Hand Numbered
  • 25"x12" Giclee Print

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